Wednesday, August 12, 2009

500 Days of Summer

We drove to Oakville last night to see 500 Days of Summer.

I wasn't disappointed. It definitely wasn't a typical boy/girl love story. It was sweet, thoughtful, fun, and inspiring. I adored both of the main characters, played by Zooey and Joseph.

The setting, wardrobe, and soundtrack were wonderful as well. I wanted to have Zooey's entire wardrobe in this movie. It makes me happy to work at an office where I can attempt to wear outfits inspired by this sense of style. Which is why for the second day in a row I'm wearing yet another dress and wedges to work.

The chemistry between these two is just adorable. I loved that Joseph wore hoodies over his dress shirt and tie. I would thoroughly enjoy if my boy pulled this off at some point.

Both of their outfits throughout the movie made me excited for fall... tights with skirts and dresses, jeans with boots, band shirts and cardigans.

I already want to see this movie again.

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