Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Polaroid ^_^

Urban Outfitter's are launching a global campaign to make sure unwanted Polaroid stock doesn't go unloved, and maybe even persuade Polaroid to produce instant film cameras again.

This year Polaroid announced it was going to stop producing instant film, spelling the end for the classic Polaroid camera.

Now Urban Outfitters worldwide is teaming up with The Impossible Project who recently purchased all of the dead stock, plus all the machinery and equipment at Polaroid's Netherlands factory before it closed. Together the two hope to bring back the Polaroid camera in 2010 and are launching their campaign globally this week.

On 21st August (this Friday) selected New York, London and L.A Urban Outfitters' stores will launch limited edition Polaroid camera kits containing one pack of specially preserved 779 film and one 600 classic Polaroid camera. The stores will also be selling recovered Polaroid film, so that anyone with a camera can start using it again.

The launch will be synchronised - in London the cameras won't be on sale in the Oxford Street store until 6pm, which is 1pm in New York and 10am in L.A.

On 28th August the cameras will go on sale at www.urbanoutfitters.co.uk too, priced at aprox £100.

There are only 700 kits available so head into London at 6pm prompt on Friday if you want to support this campaign.


I'm soooo excited! I want one!

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