Monday, December 21, 2009

Caffeine or sugar?

I don't know what's been giving me energy today - the caffeine I've been consuming or the sugar from the treats reps have brought in for our office. Either way I feel like doing so much today which is unusual since it's a Monday.

I know the fact that Christmas is THIS Friday is also adding to my positive and giddy mood.

My weekend was busy. A lot of christmas baking occured and even some relaxing!

I finally uploaded pictures to my computer this weekend so I will be sure to do a proper christmas crafts and baking post tonight! It is my last night free to catch up on posts and wrapping before I start helping out at Edible Arrangements until Christmas Eve.

Me and my boy watched Elf last night. I adore Zooey and Will together.

The girl crush I have on her is not going away anytime soon haha. Sidenote - I am SO excited for She & Him Volume 2.

Oh and I'm red again. A nice dark red. For now anyways. We'll see how quickly I fade.

This was quite the random post. Real pictures to come!

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