Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Most of my life I've been some form of blonde.... really dark, highlighted, yellow. Then 6 months ago I went red. It scared me, but I fell in love with red hair during the first couple of weeks I was red. I've enjoyed being a ginger. My hair has completely faded from the original red and I've since box-dyed my hair shades of blonde but the ginger won't go away. So I'm sticking with it. Tomorrow night I'm dying it red yet again. A different shade of red than the first time though. And the best part? Most people think it's natural and I've never had my hair complimented on this much.

This was the day it was dyed originally. The lighting is bad, but as you can see it's RED. Well deep orange.


Completely faded...

I'm excited to be red again! And a little nervous. I'm positive this is the box I have at home ready to be used:

I'm scared I'm going to be a shade of pink haha. If so, I'll be running out to Shoppers for another box of dye!

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