Monday, January 18, 2010

Little things can make a difference

I have come across yet another etsy shop that its sales are going towards Haiti:

Back in December I started thinking about ways I could help others and how I could become a more economically- and environmentally-friendly individual. This is what led me to sign up for the handmade pledge. The reality is I have enough 'things' - things bought from malls and stores that have been produced and manufactured by the thousands. I want to support independent artists who put their heart into their work, or buy second-hand things that need a new home.

I've also decided to stop donating to Value Village. They receive all of their items for free and they completely overcharge on everything! We actually found a place (Helping Hands) here in Hamilton that takes in donations and then hands out their items to needy families and individuals for FREE.

Other small things I've been trying to get into a routine of doing are:
*using hand dryers over paper towels whenever possible - and if there are only paper towels I will only use 1
*having quicker showers
*using up every product (body, cleaning, makeup, etc.) to the last drop before opening a new item
*wearing ALL my clothes (which helps with clothing boredom) - why save certain things for special occassions? Make every day special!
*carpool whenever possible
*burning candles in the evening when I watch tv instead of keeping on more lights

I have also been trying to cook and bake more at home. I enjoy going out for dinner and finding little bakeries to try. But when me and my man only have so much money it's best to do every little thing to save money. Oh and I've always cut coupons but I've become crazy-coupon lady again! If we do go out for dinner, you better believe I have a coupon for that restaurant

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