Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Seeing Red

My obsession with red hair is growing. At this moment in my life I don't see me dying my hair anything but different shades of red.

I only use box-dye and I get my cousin to dye my hair in my little apartment bathroom, but yet I get compliments constantly on it. Maybe because it fades so quickly so I then start looking like a natural dark strawberry blonde. The 'fake' bright red washes down the drain with every hair washing. My natural blonde tries to poke through. Right now my long, growing-out bangs have blonde highlights but I like it. I like that it's not perfect.

Even though this is a bright red, I adore the colour and she has my glasses ^_^

This is definitely my ideal length and style for my hair as well... *swoon*

One of my favourite gingers, after Seymore of course...

and me!

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