Friday, January 22, 2010

Sweets and treats

I've been baking a lot lately. Recipes from online, blogs, and books I have.

We attempted french macaroons. We heard so much about these being difficult to master.

Our first batch was kind of lumpy but when they came out of the oven we cheered with joy! They kind of looked like a macaroon and they had feet! The downfall? They were too hard and didn't taste super great. The second batch was much smoother but the cookies puffed up so much and ended up cracking. Though, they were much tastier and had a great feel to them.

I also made strawberry meringue bars. They were out of the book, Cake Mix Magic 2. I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes sweets. Every recipe is based off of using a cake mix so it's pretty easy. These bars were sooo good. They reminded me of the inside of a Passion Flake.

I've also been eating baked oatmeal every morning this week. I found the recipe here:
It's delicious. I didn't add anything to it. I just warm up some in the microwave and pour milk over top. I really enjoy it.

I also made my own version of this three potato casserole found here:
I used 4 white baking potatos and 1 yam. Once again it was really good. The yam definitely helped give the whole casserole some more flavour. I'd probably use 2 yams next time since I love them.

And now today I just made basic chocolate chip cookies with some peanut butter chips thrown in. My clothes currently smell like cookies ^_^

Happy Friday!

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