Friday, February 12, 2010

Good Things

This week flew by and I didn't get half the things I wanted to get done, but it's ok. Every evening was enjoyable and I visited with a lot of family and friends. Even me and my man snuck in a date.

So on Monday evening we adopted a new kitten. His name is Logan and though the lady said he was 4 months old, his shots history says he's 6 months. Either way he's friggin adorable - he's short, chunky, and very fluffy. The very best part though? Him and Seymore get along great! Seymore adores his new little brother. They wrestle and drink from the same bowl at the same time. I've caught Seymore grooming Logan  too.

Look at those little legs!

The other awesome thing that happened last night? I hit 100 sales on Etsy! It makes me very excited that I finally hit this mark. It doesn't feel like I've shipped that much, but clearly I did. This just motivates me to update etsy as soon as I can. I have sooo many nerdy things to post. Value Village has been very good to me - giving me lots of sheets!

I have a girls' night tonight and then the rest of the weekend is being spent at home with my boys.

Happy Friday!

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