Monday, February 8, 2010

Weekend in Photos

I had to check up on Mia where she allowed me to take lots of pictures of her. She even showed off her little devil horns for a picture.

I spent lots of time with Seymore - he napped with me Saturday afternoon and we took lots of pictures Saturday night together while he bugged me while I crafted and watched tv.

Once my man got a hold of the camera it got turned on me, even after Seymore was put down and given treats for his cooperation.

I made another small etsy update:

I should be updating again later this week depending on if I'm working with my mom or not. I have quite a few totes finished, a couple of hobo bags, and LOTS of nerdy pillow cases!

Monday is feeling good at this point - I feel motivated, or maybe it's the 3 cups of caffeine I've consumed so far.

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