Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Wizard Comic Con

This past weekend was the Wizard Comic Con. I did really well selling my handmade things, especially my pillow cases made from nerdy bed sheets. I sold all of them but one! This convention was definitely a mini version of FanExpo with some really talented artists and lots of people dressed up in costumes!

Our table on day 1. Lisa wasn't able to come so me and Heather split the table.

The cutest little ghostbuster I have ever seen. She was quite excited about my ghostbuster tshirt.

Speaking of Ghostbusters, I met Ernie Hudson aka Winston Zeddmore for free! I was blushing for a good hour afterwards.

They are at EVERY comic convention.

Our table on day 2. It was now split 3 ways between Heather, Lisa, and me.

Lisa's amazing tshirt for sale here

My costume for next year since I'm a red head now.

The best wolverine look-a-like I have seen.

I adore Harley Quinn with pigtails!

An amazing Gambit.

Our table on day 3.

A very unhappy Kingdom Hearts character.

Now I'm getting really excited for Toronto Fan Expo!

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