Tuesday, June 22, 2010


So when discussing summer plans, me and my guy decided against Wonderland.  We both have weak stomachs and didn't feel like sitting out half the day.  Our next choice was Marineland because we both hadn't been there since we were children.  The park is sooo much walking and the majority of the rides are for children, but I enjoyed the shows and feeding animals and whales.

After our day at Marineland we drove 5 minutes to the tourist area of Niagara Falls. We went for a walk, then to the Movieland wax museum and ended up at the casino for dinner. It was a perfect day.

We have a few more day trips planned since neither of us get vacation this summer or have the money. But I think a bunch of day trips are just as fun as a week-long vacation in some cases.

What are your summer plans?


Ashley said...

omg your shoes are adorable!

Stars & Rockets said...

Thanks! They're from Value Village!