Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I'm scheduled to look at wedding dresses this weekend. I have an image in mind and I hope I'm not dissappointed. I'm looking for either a knee or tea length dress and I want amazing shoes! Coloured shoes! Preferably a buttery soft yellow, which so far, has proven to be difficult!

I have been admiring pictures online however...

I keep getting lost on the internet searching for a pair. I'm hoping as winter leaves, colourful shoes will come into stores!

Life's been pretty busy lately. I'm defnitely behind on my sewing, however, I'm also behind on the wedding plans.

And even though I have some time at the moment, I think I'm going to get on my pajamas and go read Uncanny x-men before bed.



elycia said...

yes! i haven't decided yet if i want grey or yellow shoes for our wedding...i'm thinking yellow but i'm worried i will have a hard time finding a greata pair. i got a tea length dress so shoes are super important as you know :)

Stars and Rockets said...

It's so odd we're getting married the same day and BOTH of our wedding colours are grey and yellow.

I'm thinking in a couple of months we'll start seeing yellow shoes. We have to because I have my heart set on yellow ^_^