Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Busy like a Bee

I woke up to an exciting email this morning... a store in Toronto that sells consignment goods and is also a small cafe, has offered me a spot to sell some of my handmade bags and pouches! I am thrilled that finally my business card reached someone who wants to sell my things in their store!
I also have another small venture to try out - my hairdresser works out of her home and has a small area set up as her salon. Well, I'm on the search for a small coat rack so I can set up some totes and hobo bags at her place. She already hands out my business cards, so why not have some selection there in person?!?!

I am beyond excited to make these leaps since it's a huge step forward and it gets my name out there. But it's beyond nerve-racking thinking about the amount I need to sew this fall to prep for my upcoming craft shows and to hand out a good inventory to both of these businesses. I can't complain... I have wanted this for years.

Just breathe and smile.

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