Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I was reading back entries on a new blog I came across:

This entry warmed my heart since I believe in everything she typed.
.made with real strawberries.

Last night, I was busy stitching together a bunch of cute new barrettes that I plan on putting up in the shop soon. While I was stitching, I kept thinking about how important and unique these little guys were because they were "Hand. Made." Capital letters and all, these were some damn important barrettes.

That's when I realized how much I sounded like a box of cereal. A box of cereal, or some other breakfast strudel, milkshake, or other prepackaged food that was ridiculously proud to announce that it was made with Real Strawberries.

Real. Strawberries.

Is there an alternative? And if so, where do these "other strawberries" come from? Outer space? How long have we been eating alien space food? Long enough to be impressed by the prospect of "Real. Strawberries." I guess.

Where do barrettes that are not "Hand. Made." come from? Outer space, with their strawberry friends? Factories, more likely. And if they are not made by machines, then they are made by hands: hands of poor people and of little children who have to work too long and too hard, but hands none-the-less.

When I buy something that is handmade, or when I make something for myself, I know where it comes from. I don't have to make up some wacky story about orbiting strawberries.

When I buy something handmade, I know its cost. I know that the crafts person added the cost of supplies to her/his hourly wage, tacked on a bit for shipping, then attached an appropriate price tag. There might be some all night working sessions involved, but not child labor.

That is why the handmade movement is important to me, why is deserves "Capital. Letters." When I buy something that is handmade, I know it's story, and I don't have to be reminded that it is Real.

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