Wednesday, December 9, 2009

growing up

It feels awfully strange growing up sometimes. I'm at the age where I still view myself as a teen/young adult but more and more scnerarios keep occuring where I start to realize how much I've matured and grown in the last couple of years.

My longing to settle down and create a home is very strong and the more I fall in love, the stronger this urge is.

It probably doesn't help that a few people in my life are headed in the same direction as me or are at least getting small twinges to become a full-fledged adult and take on more responsibility.

And then there are the blogs I follow online. The adorable, crafty, loving, and inspirational families that I get to read about. These blogs make me excited to have a family and a house one day.

Smile & Wave

Elsie Cake - oh to have a kitchen like this! Or at least the space.

bleubird vintage

Create Loves

Just a few favs...

A proper update tonight with new craft pics!

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