Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I've been finishing up some new totes and pouches since I have 2 craft shows in May.

I made some pouches for the Church Bazaar show. I thought Elvis and kittens might appeal to that crowd.

The Yay Underpants fabric was designed by Lisa and printed by Spoonflower. I absolutely adore it!

My stack of vintage aprons keeps getting bigger.

Logan has clearly learned from Seymore that it's fun to hang out in fabric, especially when I'm cutting it.

Lisa has also been busy making cat toys. How cute are they?

Tacos and Tea Bags with cat nip inside <3

I have to make up some more record bowls and do some ironing but it looks like I'm ready for the show on Saturday!


rachel! said...

ohmygoodness, those cat toys are ADORABLE! i love it! good luck preparing for your craft shows! how many have you done before? i have my first at the end of july and i'm excited! hahaah, and " I thought Elvis and kittens might appeal to that crowd." i love it.

Stars & Rockets said...

I've done quite a few craft shows before. I find I do better at comic conventions and other shows in Toronto. The one on Saturday is at a Church Bazaar which I'm assuming will have mainly seniors shopping.
Good luck at your first show! I find even if I don't sell a lot it's always fun meeting and talking to people. It's a good way to get out there.