Friday, April 30, 2010


It's Friday and it's supposed to go up to a high of 23 today! I have leftover 5-cup salad for lunch and me and my man have a movie date tonight! The day feels perfect already.

Here are some things I've been craving or adoring lately....

Cold, creamy, sweet drinks. Preferably from Starbucks.

Knee high socks with running shoes... I'm totally rocking this today!

Meaghan Smith... I cannot stop listening to The Cricket's Orchestra. I'm so addicted to it.

Books and more books! I have been reading every night and I can't stop buying used books from garage sales and thrift stores. We have already filled up our current bookshelf. Once we move we have to invest in another one.

Dresses, not that this is a new addiction, but even my mom now tells me about cute, cheap dresses she has seen. Or she picks up ones when she goes thrift shopping. My closet will soon be all dresses and graphic t-shirts!

I still adore red hair. I actually just dyed my hair last night a similar shade to this colour. But this picture also makes me miss my bangs. Really bad.

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Happy Friday ^_^


Becky Farley said...

I love red hair too - like so much! geena davis was my FAVORITE growing up - weird I know, but I loved her! Hello, A League of Their Own! :)

Stars & Rockets said...

Aww I have such a soft spot for Geena Davis, especially in Beetlejuice.