Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mini Review

Since we are finally having Spring weather here I have been having fun painting my toenails. So far I have fallen in love with a polish, and been thoroughly disappointed with another.

I have purchased this nail polish in two colours (a pink and mint) and I love it! It doesn't last as long as other brands I've tried. But because it's so easy and quick to use, I don't mind putting on another coat a week later. This polish goes on thick and everytime I've worn one of the colours I only have to use one coat... that's it! No streaks and it dries quick!

I was excited for this nail polish because it also includes a base and top coat. And since my mint nail polish left my toenails a little discoloured I thought this would be great. I bought it in Yellow Kitty because I've been admiring yellow polish all over the internet. Well I ended up putting on 3 coats and I still don't like it. It went on streaky and it dried the same. I'm sure I'll be taking it off this weekend.

On another subject, did anyone watch Glee last night? And fall in love with Emma all over again? I may have to find the Physical video to post. It was great!

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