Monday, June 28, 2010


Since everything is official and happening over the next month, I figured I'd share some things...
Wednesday is my last day at my current job and Friday I start a new job in a different city.
August 1st me and my guy are moving an hour away to a new apartment in a new city. So I figured commuting for a month would be worth it since I will have a job once we move and it's one less thing to stress about.

This means I have to train over the next 3 days, freak out on Canada Day because Frday I start a new job which is making me want to puke. My nerves have never been good.

Other than that I'm having a very hateful relationship with my hair right now. Anyone living in the Greater Horseshoe area knows how horrible this humidity has been and it's making my hair big and my bangs unmanageable. I've been trying to avoid mouse because I find for the first day it makes my hair look slightly greasy and too stiff. All weekend and today I've tried just putting in wave spray and some anti-frizz products. It gives my hair more natural-looking waves and the slight frizz is ok - I thinking watching Felicity has made me ok about frizz. But my bangs... I was going to get them trimmed but I'm thinking I should leave them be for the next 2 months so I can pin them back easily. Gah! The joy of being a girl.

I really love Keri Russell's (aka Felicity) hair when it's blown out but still not straight. I know I can accomplish this look if my hair was longer. But it's all a matter of not using products to 'scrunch' my hair and letting it dry naturally, which I have a hard time doing.

That's about it for my rambling today....

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