Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Just breathe...

Do you ever have those moments where everything going on in your life is just circling in your head and you feel as if you could pass out from the weight sitting on your chest? Or that the thought of things you have to do over the next couple or few weeks makes you want to cry? I hate to admit it but I have these moments constantly lately. I'd like to think that things are finally calming down and I'm slowly digging my way out of this pile of stress. I'm mentally making note of the good things, and the little things that make me happy and are keeping me sane.

*having not just 1, but both my kitties purring and looking for attention from me as I sat on the couch this morning
*waking up to emails and texts from friends
*being able to fall asleep in a warm nook between my guy's arm and chest
*my Nan for making me dinner in return for clipping her kitty's nails
*craft nights


elycia said...

i love kitties purring and wanting attention! i went to orchard park secondary school in stoney didn't go there did you? haha. which other school has a husband and wife teaching team?
actually i have a question about the market you might be able to answer...what is a good sized tent to use? is 8x8 ok? haha, sorry for the random question. see you on saturday!

elycia said...

oh yeah, i forgot to answer your question, haha. my band was called screaming hallway girl. i was in another band called selexa but we didn't play around as much.

Stars & Rockets said...

I didn't go there. I went to Sherwood Secondary school in Hamilton. But our music teachers and band leaders were a husband wife team. Weird!
I'm sure a 8x8 tent is fine for Saturday. I have a 10x10 I believe. It'll just help with the sun because it's supposed to be scorching out!