Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday Morning

What an incredibly busy weekend! It was full of fun and laughter, but still very busy.

Art Crawl was Friday evening and once again it was great! The amount of people that come down to James Street and make conversation with us is so inspiring and motivating. Me and Lisa had a great spot for our table since it was at the entrance of the courtyard.

I've been sewing up tote bags like crazy. I really need to move on to pouches and pillow cases. Here are some of my new totes that I'm loving because they're so colourful.

I really adore these 2 prints together. I've been using that lime green polka dot fabric a lot lately. It was a great garage sale find!

Me and Mary have a crafty night planned for this evening. Then I really need to start on pouches this week!

Happy Monday!

1 comment:

rachel! said...

your table is amazing! your bags look sooo good! how fun! ohh, sounds like you had a lot of funnn!!