Monday, November 8, 2010

And I'm Back...

Where did I even go? I'm not quite sure. Life just came crashing down on me and I think I finally feel like I have control again. The inspiration is flowing, routine is happening again, and I'm feeling like me.

What's new in my life? Well, Hamilton is no longer 'home'. Me, my man, our kitties and toads all moved to Welland. The city is beautiful. Our window faces the canal and I can't even describe how gorgeous the trees have been this fall.

I've also been going through jobs like crazy... I can't seem to find anything I like. So to compensate I'm still crafting and selling, and now taking cake decorating classes at night! The creative outlets seem to help keep me sane.

The newest announcement, though, is that I'm engaged! My man proposed... he got down on one knee and presented me with the most beautiful ring. I was speechless, and even now sometimes I'm still speechless. I have a wedding to plan over the next 9 months and I have so many diy ideas to try. The best part is looking at him and knowing that this is it forever. I'm marrying my best friend. It's an amazing feeling.

Well, I know pictures are the easiest way to catch up so here's a small photo dump....
 The canal behind our building... and there's ducks too!

 The boys hanging out.
 My first cake in class... I love that it was a cupcake design!

 The day of the proposal... I had no idea what was going to happen. I just took photos like usual.
 Minutes after catching my breath...
 Our final cake in class.

 Cupcakes I made for a party. Not to brag, but I believe my buttercream frosting could compete against Magnolia Bakery... just saying!

I have so many ideas and plans that I want to work on. I have sewing projects I want to try, baking and decorating ideas that I'd love to get better at, and just more creative projects I want to undertake. No more sitting on the sidelines waiting for things to happen in front of me! I believe I finally have the courage to start pushing forward in both my personal and creative lives.

Well, I have an early morning tomorrow. Night!


Sarah said...

I am glad your back! I miss reading your blog. But what about the close up of the ring, give us some eye candy!

Stars & Rockets said...

Awww I'm glad you like reading my blog!
Well I want to get some pictures taken... not like engagement photos from a photographer. But maybe just on a day when we both look nice I will get someone to take a few photos of us with my ring out in the open!

Mrs. Day said...

I love those cupcakes! Great job!!