Thursday, July 1, 2010

Canada's Day

Anybody have Canada Day plans for this evening?  Maybe some fireworks? We're headed to Dofasco park with family for fireworks after a delicious meal of takeout Chinese food. I can't wait!

So a couple of weeks ago I did my last Makers' Market for the season (though I should be at a couple more Art Crawls). I had a couple of friends cancel on me, so I recruited my youngest cousin, Megan, to help out for the day. I guess in a way it was a blessing that the girl next to us was selling hoola hoops. It gave Megan something to do during any slow spells, which unfortunately was often. I also met the very lovely Elycia who had an adorable booth. I'm definitely going to miss Hamilton since I've grown accustomed to my summer craft shows. Hopefully I can find some closer to my new home.

I'm off for now. I hope everyone has a wonderful day and maybe sees some fireworks tonight!


rachel! said...

oh, how cute! i love your booths cheery colors! thats awesome that you did that.

Stars & Rockets said...

Thanks! I always seem to be one of the brightest booths at shows.