Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Photo Dump

Life has been a whirlwind lately. I'm trying to get back into a regular routine but I guess when we're moving in less than a month it's hard to find a routine when you're surrounded by boxes and commuting 45 minutes to work.

Summer seems to be flying by and there's still a lot I want to do before my man heads back to school in September...
*go for a hike at Dundas Valley
*visit the Killman Zoo
*attend another festival or carnival and buy cotton candy
*make a trip to the U.S. for some shopping
*go fishing
*walk to 7-eleven for slurpees more often

Star Wars Sheets and Pillow Cases

Some thrifted sheets my parents have found for me. I'm going to have so many geeky products for Fan Expo!

Me and my man attended the Burlington Music Festival a couple weeks back to celebrate our anniversary.




Driving home we saw some horses riding along Main Street.

I have plans of watching Gigantic and cutting out pouches before heading to work this afternoon.

Have a good day!


elycia said...

ohhh star wars! awesome :) i love star wars.
i won't be at the art crawl on friday :( i really need to do one this summer. i was hoping to come by on friday but i probably won't be able to make it. next time!

elycia said...

ahh! i just remembered...here's a link for a st. catharines show:

it is being put on by the same girl who did the other show i was at in st. catharines :)

rachel! said...

ohh, those sheets are awesome! nice finds... and your summer plans sound excellent. i plan to fill mine with awesomeness as well, we gotta live it up!

Stars & Rockets said...

Elycia- thanks for the link! I will definitely check it out. Once I'm settled in Welland I will definitely want to find a few craft shows for the fall/christmas season!

Rachel- that is exactly how I think! We have to live it up! There's not better time than now.